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Sinkhole outside Buckinghamshire home swallows car

Liz and Phil Conran woke up to this hole and their daughter's car missing.

The sinkhole in Main Road, Walter's Ash, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Credit: ITV News

Overnight and without a sound a huge crater appeared. The car is now completely buried beneath the earth in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

This is how the car looked before it vanished.

19-year-old Zoe Smith in her Lupo car Credit: Family photo

My daughter went to go and let her horses out because she was going off somewhere for the day and she had to drive up there, and she got herself all ready, got to the door, and saw her car wasn't there.

She thought that was a bit weird, of course it was still fairly dark outside, so she went round to the kitchen window and then she saw the crater and just started screaming.

We just kind of took it from there really.

We had no idea whether the car was actually in the hole or not, we couldn't get close enough to have a look right down to the bottom, it's about 30 feet deep.

The car is on its side, its full of soil and she certainly, we don't think, would have got out of it had she been in it, had she driven in and it had happened.

Rags Martel went for a closer look.