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Tube strike cancelled - but it's just a temporary truce

The cancellation of tonight's tube strike is no more than a temporary truce in the seemingly endless industrial relations strife on London Underground.

The leader of the biggest tube union has already signalled new battles ahead as the Underground enters an unprecedented period of modernisation.

The second of two 48-hour strikes over ticket office closures was suspended at lunchtime less than nine hours before it was due to begin.

Underground managers offered to extend the consultation process with the union and conduct a station-by-station review of the proposed closures and loss of 950 jobs.

But the leader of the biggest tube union, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, warned any breakdown in talks would see the strike re-instated.

He also outlined potential future conflicts as LU prepares to introduce 24-hour weekend services on some lines in 2015.

Mr Crow said his union would demand a deal to safeguard tube staff travelling home from work after midnight.

He also called for a cut in the 35-hour working week and a rise in the amount of annual leave for all Underground employees.

The tube looks set to keep staff at the conciliation service ACAS busy for many years to come.

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