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Environment Agency under attack over aqua boom usage for flood relief

Aqua-boom about to be filled Photo: Simon Harris

The Environment Agency has come under attack for using a giant water-filled boom to protect properties from flooding.

The 0.5km "aqua boom" is being pumped full of flood water on Chertsey Bridge Road at Chertsey in Surrey.

It is designed to act as a barrier as the Thames rises even further, but residents on the "wrong side" of the boom claim they are being sacrificed.

Sarah Ritchie said her home would be marooned in the flood while her neighbours across the street would stay dry.

Sarah Richie in front of her flood-threatened home behind the aqua boom Credit: Simon Harris

The Environment Agency said the road was the best location for the boom because the flat surface would help create a good seal.

The engineer in charge of the boom, Chris Wilde, said it was not possible to place it behind the threatened homes because there were too many obstacles like fences and sheds.

Chris Wilde (L) engineer in charge of boom. Credit: Simon Harris

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