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Weather misery set to continue as more rain due this weekend

A kayak is tied up on a flooded street in Purley on Thames waiting to be used to ferry residents to and from their houses. Photo: PA

Heavy rain and gale force winds will add to the misery for tens of thousands of people affected by the Thames floods.

Forecasters say an inch of rain is expected in the Thames basin during the day with winds gusting up to 50 mph this evening.

The Environment Agency said 700 properties in Berkshire and Kent are known to be flooded, although police and fire service estimates suggest it could much higher.

Environment Agency workers lay sandbags onto river defence barriers next to the River Thames Credit: PA

There is growing anger in some beleaguered communities after reports of widespread sandbag theft.

Local people at Datchet in Berkshire have started community patrols to protect sandbag barriers built by the military.

The Thames rose to its highest level for sixty years in some places yesterday.

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