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Busy street evacuated after pavement explodes

The pavement exploded this morning Photo: Umit Bakir

The Fire Brigade has told Londoners not to panic after a pavement burst into flames on a busy shopping street. Around 50 people were evacuated from the Caledonian Road area in Islington when it happened. Last year Health and Safety Officials warned that Londoners could be at serious risk after two other similar explosions.

UK Power Networks, which is responsible for the power cables in the street, said it regularly inspects the network, and underground equipment can always develop a fault, but most of the time it has no external impact:

UK Power Networks engineers are working as quickly and as safely as possible to restore power supplies to 37 customers in the Caledonian Road area of Islington.

At about 9.15am today 84 customers experienced a power cut following a fault on a piece of equipment forming part of the underground electricity distribution network.

– UK Power Networks

Here's our Senior Correspondent Ronke Phillips.