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Rare mini cow born at animal charity hit by flooding

An animal charity hit by two deaths in the recent floods has welcomed a new arrival - a calf which will grow to only 4 foot tall.

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When he was born at Artisan Rare Breeds in Dartford, Kent, this week, the Asian miniature zebu - regarded as the world's smallest cow species - weighed just 6lb.

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Charity director Wayne May said fewer than 3,000 of them are left in the world, 60 of which are registered in the UK.

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The birth is welcome news after the charity lost a pregnant cow and its unborn calf after becoming stuck in floodwater for 48 hours recently.

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The pure-breed miniature zebu, born to parents Mungo and Crystal, has been named Dave after charity supporter Dave Haynes.

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The only thing I could compare the birth of Dave to would be the birth of my baby son.

I've been waiting for the birth of a Asian miniature zebu for five years as I had to wait for his dad to grow up.

He's really important to us.

– Wayne May, Charity Director
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Charity director Wayne May set up the rare breed conservation and animal rescue charity for endangered exotic wildlife and abandoned pets and farm animals.


The miniature zebu is known to be one of the oldest breeds of cattle, possibly dating back up to 6,000BC.