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London stations dominate top 10 list of busiest in country

Waterloo Station is the busiest in the country. Photo: Oxyman

London's train stations are continuing to dominate the country's rail network - with eight of the country's top ten busiest stations located within the Capital.

And they're only going to get busier, according to new figures from the Office of Rail Regulation.

All of the top 10 reported an increase in passengers in the last financial year.

Here is the full list of the the country's top ten busiest stations and the amount by which passenger numbers grew:

  • 1. Waterloo: 95,936,542 entries & exits. Up 1.9%.
  • 2. Victoria: 77,346,676 entries & exits. Up 1.6%.
  • 3. Liverpool Street: 58,448,814 entries & exits. Up 2.4%.
  • 4. London Bridge: 53,351,116 entries & exits. Up 1.4%.
  • 5. Charing Cross: 38,607,238 entries & exits. Up 1.3%.
  • 6. Euston: 38,299,206 entries & exits. Up 4.9%.
  • 7. Paddington: 34,143,220 entries & exits. Up 1.3%.
  • 8. Birmingham New Street: 32,090,346 entries & exits. Up 2.7%.
  • 9. King's Cross: 28,454,460 entries & exits. Up 2.2%.
  • 10. Glasgow Central: 27,185,020 entries & exits. Up 2.2%.

"These statistics show more and more people are using the train to get to work.

The Government needs to support this with affordable fares and better infrastructure.

That means not just updating our busiest stations, but connecting communities who currently lose out because they are not on the network.

We also need to devolve more investment decisions away from Whitehall to make the railways more responsive to local needs."

– Martin Abrams, Campaign for Better Transport

"Our railways are a success story, carrying more people than at any time since the Second World War.

We want to make sure our railways continue to meet the challenge of passenger demand.

That is why more than £38 billion is being spent over the next five years to transform the network.

That means better stations and more trains and services, allowing more people to travel quickly and comfortably."

– Department for Transport spokesman