1. ITV Report

We've made significant changes to the way we investigate rape

Metropolitan Police statement:

"Our defence of these claims should not be taken as a reflection of any doubt upon the veracity of the claimants' accounts as to their treatment by Worboys; or any lack of understanding about the effects of rape on victims. Their accounts formed part of the criminal process and they each, with considerable courage, assisted the police in bringing Worboys to justice.

The claims were not defended on the basis of factual differences between the parties; but rather based on the appropriate interpretation of European human rights law. The case has raised important arguments regarding the boundaries of police responsibility and liability and we believed that it was important for these principles to be tested before the courts.

In summing up, the judge highlighted the “sensitive and dignified way” in which the MPS had conducted itself throughout the hearing; an observation based in part on a decision not to call the claimants to provide evidence.

The MPS has previously apologised for mistakes made in the investigation of rapes committed by Worboys.

The judge acknowledged that the failings in this case were very much historic; a recognition that in the interim we have made important and significant changes to the way we investigate rape, which remains one of the most challenging and complex policing issues. We are committed to providing the best possible service to victims, ensuring that they are at the heart of every investigation.

We will now take time to consider the judgment in full."