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How your part of London looked in Victorian times

A new map lets Londoners step back in time and find out what the capital looked like more than 100 years ago. The National Library of Scotland has superimposed an Ordnance Survey map from 1891 over a Google map of London as it looks today.

Oxford Circus, appearing as Regent Circus in the 1891-5 Ordnance Survey Credit: National Library of Scotland

The maps are the most detailed and extensive survey of London by Ordnance Survey from a century ago. They cover the entire built up area of the capital between 1891-5. They show residential and industrial buildings, schools, asylums, hospitals, parks, canals and docks.

Gray's Inn Road in central London Credit: National Library of Scotland

To find out what your part of London looked like use the interactive map here, and enter your location or postcode.