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Clipper teams reach Hong Kong

The team on board Photo: Clipper Ventures

A short trip up one of the rivers in Hong Kong showed what a fascinating place it is. All around were different sorts of boats, from one-man fishing vessels to junks to luxury yachts. There was even a floating restaurant. Unfortunately, we didn't get to eat there as we were in Hong Kong for only 24 hours.

Credit: Clipper Ventures

Hong Kong was never on the Clipper Race itinerary but the twelve Clipper 70 boats were diverted there for maintenance work on our forestays - a cable which supports the mast - after they came loose on three of the boats. The Clipper Race founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston met us at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club with a suitcase of super-strength rope to solve the problem and after testing the new fitting at sea, we are now on the way to the start line to begin Race 9 to the Chinese port of Qingdao.

Credit: Clipper Ventures

But the diversion to Hong Kong means the route of the race has been changed. We will now be going through the Taiwan Strait - a place with rough seas and high winds. It's likely to be a tough couple of days as we go through it and we have been ensuring that our kit is safely stowed and won't go bouncing around. Even though we still have a few hundred miles to go the strait, my boat Switzerland is occasionally 'slamming' when we go over the top of a wave and drop down the back side. There is a loud crash each time we do it - it's a foretaste of what we can expect on our way to China.

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Credit: Clipper Ventures

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