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Councils widen the tax gap

Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

While the rest of the country's council tax is on the increase, the latest figures show London councils have lowered theirs. For residents in Greater London, bills have been reduced by 0.4% this year - an average of £5.39 - while those in the rest of England face an increase of around £11.35.

The figures were compiled by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) after surveying local authorities. They found a Band D property in inner London is costing £1,094.23 in 2014-15 - down £4.30 - while in outer London the level is £5.35 lower at £1,422.88.

The largest increases in England are in the South East, with authorities in the region raising a Band D council tax bill by 1.1% on average, the equivalent of £15.68.

“Though some London authorities have repeatedly decreased their council tax demands in recent years, the clear divide between the whole of London and the rest of the country this year does seem to reflect the priorities of London authorities, perhaps not surprisingly in the run up to local elections”

– Rob Whiteman, CIPFA’s Chief Executive

Inner London: Decrease of £4.30

2013/14: £1,098.53

2014/15: £1,094.23

Outer London: Decrease of £5.35

2013/14: £1,428.232014/15: £1,422.88

Greater London: Decrease of £5.39:

2013/14: £1,301.812014/15: £1,296.42