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Terminal 2, another nail in the coffin for Boris Island?

Bosses at Heathrow Airport are unveiling their launch plans for a £2.5bn project which could be another nail in the coffin for Boris Island.

Heathrow Terminal 2 Credit: Heathrow

Heathrow's brand new Terminal 2 mega-hub - officially called The Queen's Terminal - will open for business on June 4th.

The terminal, with a floor space of 22,000 square feet, is one of the largest buildings in the UK bankrolled by private finance.

Launch of plans for Terminal Two this morning Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

It is the latest phase of an £11bn 20-year spending programme which will strengthen Heathrow's bid to retain its crown as Britain's main airport.

Brian Woodhead, T2 Operations Director Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

The on-going investment is likely to reinforce Heathrow's case for runways and weaken the argument for a new hub airport in the Thames estuary.

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow Development Director Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

The estuary airport proposal - favoured by London's mayor - failed to make the shortlist of expansion proposals being considered by the government's airports commission.

Thames Estuary from Grain, Kent Credit: Press Association

Commission Chairman Sir Howard Davies said the "Boris Island" idea merited further study but the Mayor's dream of replacing Heathrow looks increasingly unlikely.

Terminal Two will be opened in stages to avoid a repeat of the Terminal 5 launch fiasco in 2008 when thousands of bags were lost, passengers endured long queues and the lifts broke down.

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