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High earnings, high employment, good general health: life in Uttlesford

This year is the first time Uttlesford has been crowned the winner, having come second in 2013.

Residents in this north west corner of Essex earn £819 a week typically - well above the national average of £608.

Uttlesford has an 84% employment rate Credit: ITV Anglia

Uttlesford also has an 84% employment rate, compared with the average across the country of 74%.

Some 96.7% of residents there report good general health and the average life expectancy in Uttlesford is 81.8 years. On top of this, more than eight in 10 adults in Uttlesford believe what they do in life is worthwhile.

Affordable housing is one of the downsides of life in Uttlesford Credit: ITV Anglia

But residents there face a tougher time trying to find an affordable house, with the average property priced at seven times local annual earnings, which is higher than the national rural house price-to-earnings ratio of 6.2.

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