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Abandoned turtle, described as dinosaur, gets new home

A common snapping turtle, usually found in the US and Canada, has been rehomed after being found abandoned on a street in Kent.

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The creature was found by a passer-by in a box by the side of a road in Dartford. They described it as a "type of dinosaur".

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Local animal charity Artisan Rare Breeds has now taken in the 14-inch-long animal and it will live there for the rest of its life.

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It's really unusual to see one of these on the loose. They can be quite dangerous as pets, you don't just buy one of these.

It has the capability of removing a small finger, and their head can reach the back of its shell. It was probably abandoned after outgrowing someone's living environment.

There is only one safe way of picking up one of these - by sliding your hand underneath it and lifting it up.

In the past 15 years, I have only come across one other of these animals which was brought in as an unwanted pet.

– Wayne May
Credit: PA Wire