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Revealed: The single person's capital of England and Wales

If you enjoy living the single life then you're not alone. The single person's capital of England is right here in London. In fact eight of the capital's boroughs make it into the top ten.

Islington tops the list, with 60% of the area's population having never been married.

Credit: Press Association

The Office for National Statistics says the rise in the single population represents the decline in people getting married since the 1970s, and an increase in couples who live together but never marry.

Islington tops the list because of the relatively young age of people living there.

Here's the top ten in full:

  • 1) Islington, 60% have never married
  • 2) Lambeth, 58% have never married
  • 3) Hackney, 56% have never married
  • 4) Hammersmith and Fulham, 56% have never married
  • 5) Tower Hamlets, 55% have never married
  • 6) Camden, 55% have never married
  • 7) Manchester, 55% have never married
  • 8) Southwark, 55% have never married
  • 9) Wandsworth, 54% have never married
  • 10) Oxford, 54% have never married