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Father creates book showing collection of 'faces in places'

A father from London has created a book showing how many expressions can be found in everyday objects and locations.

Jody Smith, from London, has compiled the collection of images from around the world into 'Faces In Places' after starting a blog charting his own observations.

The 36-year-old said the only rule "is that it has to be a randomly occurring or accidental face".

More than 6,000 people have posted images to it so far, and the book is in aid of the Hope For Children charity.

. Credit: Steffan Kahl
. Credit: Gini Reed
. Credit: Jay Joslin
. Credit: Boris Drenec
. Credit: Valarie
. Credit: Anissa Housley
. Credit: Andreas Reed
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. Credit: Tim Cordell
. Credit: Maartje Jacque

Jody Smith's book - 'Faces In Places' - is available globally on Amazon, as well as book shops and raises money for Hope For Children charity