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Little Ant and Dec to Boris Johnson: 'Do you get told off for never brushing your hair?'

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was asked whether he gets in trouble for not brushing his hair in his toughest interview yet with Little Ant and Dec.

The pair covered other important issues including Mr Johnson's lack of Mayoral attire, his London slang and "posh totty" in a sketch to be broadcast on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

“Do you get told off for never brushing your hair?”, Little Dec asked

Mr Johnson admits: “Yes very frequently. I do it’s a failing of mine.”

The pair presented Boris a comb but were left bemused when he admitted he may use it to "scratch his back" during the interview at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Boris received a comb from the duo to brush his hair. Credit: ITV

Mayor Boris Johnson replies, “I don’t have either a hat or a chain”

When Little Ant adds, “You’re The Mayor you should have that stuff.” He replies, “Well I know it’s very nice of you to say so Little Ant.”

The pair seemed unimpressed with some of the Mayor's answers. Credit: ITV

Little Dec goes on to ask: “My daddy said there is a lot of posh totty in London what does he mean?

The Mayor replies: “I don’t know what your father means by that but I’m sure he’s right.”

Watch the full sketch on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on Saturday on ITV at 7pm