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Find out how the weather may affect your plans this Easter

Londoners may be able to enjoy the sunshine this Easter weekend. Photo: PA Wire

It's a little known fact that it's more likely to snow at Easter in the UK than Christmas.

Fortunately there's no snow on its way (in London) but after a very pleasant first half of the weekend things are taking a turn for the worse on Sunday.

People enjoy the sunshine by the banks of the River Thames in Richmond upon Thames in west London. Credit: PA Wire

Thursday to Saturday

The high pressure which has bought such lovely weather this week is sticking around until Saturday bringing us fine and dry conditions.

If you're heading off on holiday on Thursday night after work it will be decent driving conditions.

A dry evening and night will be relatively chilly but just frost free.

It will be a lovely bright start to Good Friday.

More cloud will bubble up through the afternoon and it will be a little cooler than today and Thursday.

Still highs of 14C are just above average for this time of year.

Saturday will be cloudier still, bringing a very remote chance of an occasional shower.

There will still be some sunny spells but a noticeably cooler north westerly breeze is picking up.

That wind will make temperatures cooler nearer the coast and by the Thames Estuary.

The sunshine will disappear on Easter Sunday as more unsettled weather arrives. Credit: PA Wire

Easter Sunday to Easter Monday

Low pressure takes control leading to more unsettled conditions.

There's still a fair amount of uncertainty about exactly what the weather will do but early indications suggest Easter Sunday will be the worst day of the weekend.

Models suggest it could be overcast and raining most of the day.

Easter Monday will probably see a start damp but should improve throughout the day temperatures hovering around the April average of 13-14C.

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