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Jose Mourinho becomes the 'grumpy one' after latest FA charge

Jose Mourinho is unhappy with his FA charge for misconduct. Photo: PA Wire

When Jose Mourinho first came back to Chelsea he wanted to be known as a happy one. Today he was very much the grumpy one.

Mourinho had ducked his last two Premier league press conferences in protest against the FA charges against him.

This afternoon he was fearful of saying too much: "Every time I speak there is a consequence -even when I say the referee is amazing", he said, "If you want a better press conference ask the FA".

Mourinho was wary of speaking at today's press conference. Credit: PA Wire

So what was his response about fielding a weakened team against Liverpool this Sunday?

"Do you want me to laugh or cry? I can't speak the truth I don't feel free".

Asked about the integrity of fielding weakened team he replied: "If we are not helped to try and follow our dreams and objectives... We only think about us.

Chelsea face a series of season-defining games in the next few weeks. Credit: PA Wire

Despite what Mourinho does, or doesn't say, the Champions League is the priority.

"Chelsea fans would like the club to be respected, they know what the club has done for English football", he said.

If he wins just two more games in that competition, Chelsea will be champions of Europe once again.