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Man jailed after Cold Case Review

A man who indecently assaulted a woman after breaking into her home has been jailed, more than 20 years after the offence. Harold McKenzie, who's forty-two, was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment. The event took place in July 1993 in West London.

The 25-year-old victim, a German national who had recently moved to London, was asleep in the bedroom of her ground floor flat in W12 when she awoke in the early hours to find an unknown man in her room. When she screamed, McKenzie lifted her clothing over her head so she would be unable to identify him. He then demanded she hand over cash and other valuable items, before dragging her out of bed. In leaving her alone momentarily, the victim was able to grab a canister of CS spray which she sprayed in McKenzie’s face when he returned. He reacted by assaulting her before taking her into the kitchen where he picked up a knife and held it to her throat. He then took her back to the bedroom where he subjected her to a prolonged sexual assault.Following the incident McKenzie led the victim to the cellar of the address and locked her inside. He took her cash card and some money and left the property.After a short while the victim was able to open the door and phone police.

The case reviewed by the Cold Case Team in June 2011. Material which had been retained was retained forensically and a profile was sent to the DNA database which identified McKenzie.