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Top 10 apps to help you beat the Tube strike

Commuters in Victoria during the start of 48-hour tube strike this morning. Photo: PA Wire

If you struggled to cope with the start of the Tube strike, W Communications found 10 apps to help you avoid the disruption.

1. Barclays Cycle Hire

There was a 70% increase in Barclays Cycle Hire journeys. Credit: PA Wire

The app locates docking stations and features a built-in timer so you can keep an eye on any usage charges.

2. Addison Lee

Addison Lee is one of London's leading minicab firms. Credit: Addison Lee

Minicab firm Addison Lee’s latest free booking app allows you to book a journey home in just two taps.

3. London Bus Live Countdown

TfL brought old Routemasters back into service today. Credit: PA Wire

This London Bus Live Countdown app gives a rundown of expected bus arrivals.

TfL has brought an extra 266 buses into service to cope with the congestion.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps may be useful during the Tube strike. Credit: Google Maps

The Google Maps app is a useful tool to keep in your pocket.

Cycling routes and the quickest walking directions may prove incredibly useful during the strike.

5. Waze

The Waze app compiles vehicle speeds and strategises congestion-free routes.

The app may be useful for drivers trying to avoid the central London traffic during the strike.

6. CityMapper

This free app provides on demand departure information for both the Tube and overground.

It also includes the weather forecast and live bus information.

7. Instapaper

Instapaper allows you to save interesting webpages to view at a later date so you can stay amused during longer journeys.

8. ParkAtMyHouse

Parking app ParkAtMyHouse allows you to book a parking space in advance with unused spaces at churches, pubs and even people’s driveways up for grabs in London.

9. Hailo

Hailo gives Londoners access to 13,000 black cabs. Credit: PA Wire

The Hailo app lets you hail a taxi from wherever you are and gives you access to 13,000 of London’s black cabs.

It sends the user the cab’s registration number together with a notification of the expected arrival time.

10. London’s Best Coffee App

A coffee may be required to cope with the stressful strike. Credit: PA Wire

London's Best Coffee App locates the coffee shops around London which may prove useful during the sometimes stressful strike.

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