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Jose Mourinho: 'I'm not happy'

Chelsea's manager Jose Mourinho during the press conference. Photo: PA Wire

Two days after Chelsea crashed out of the Champions League, Jose Mourinho is still not over the defeat.

"If I was happy two days after a defeat there would be something wrong with me, and there's nothing wrong with me."

The Chelsea manager said his players had recovered from the loss to Atletico Madrid, despite captain John Terry crying after the final whistle.

John Terry was distraught after the semi-final defeat. Credit: PA Wire

"Last year, when they got knocked out in the group stages, were the players crying? No. You cry if you lose semi-final second leg".

"When you almost get to a final you are frustrated. To cry a couple of tears I don't think makes you less of a man than you are."

Chelsea are still mathematically fighting for the Premier League title but Manchester City and Liverpool will finish above them if they win their remaining games. If that happens, this will be the first season Mourinho doesn't win a trophy.

Chelsea's Fernando Torres (right) and Samuel Eto'o stand dejected after the loss. Credit: PA Wire

ITV News asked him if that was a disappointment to Mourinho.

"I'm going to tell you something about my career," he said.

He then gave a long speech about all the trophies he'd won in his career.

"I got it wrong by doing year after year like nobody else did. You arrive into a level where finish second in the league, and that is not good. And also reach the semi-final of the Champions League, and that is not good."

"I'm guilty of that. Guilty of being judged by higher standards, and I'm proud to be guilty of that."