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Star-shaped road marking sparks confusion in Dagenham

A new star-shaped road marking has sparked confusion at a junction in Dagenham.

The unique 12-point marking at the junction of Gale Street, Rugby Road and Ivy House Road is part of the community project DIY Porter's Lodge which aims to improve the local area.

The developers of the project claim the new marking create a "different environment for drivers" and allow pedestrians and cyclists to gain confidence in crossing the junction.

Local residents chose the new marking in response to speeding traffic and unsafe conditions, designers said.

The new 12-point star marking in Dagenham. Credit: DIY Porter's Lodge

The new design received a mixed reaction from residents with some claiming it is an "accident waiting to happen" and others suggesting the money could have been better utilised elsewhere.

Others joked that a "Kapow" message was missing in the middle.

"Regular users of this junction will know who has the right of way - that's if it's still as it was before - but others won't know. The general consensus on my news feed is that no one has got a clue!" one Facebook user said on Barking and Dagenham Post's Facebook page.

Suzanne Sutton said: "It's really distracting and confusing. It's an accident waiting to happen. Roads do not need decoration, they need clear defined markings."

The design was reportedly chosen by local residents to improve road safety. Credit: DIY Porter's Lodge

Sustrans senior urban designer, Paola Spivach, said the team had already seen improvements as a result of the "unconventional" design.

“It is a deliberately unconventional design aimed at refocusing the street around people, instead of cars, and making it safer and more pleasant for the whole community.

“The star is designed to increase drivers’ awareness of the surroundings and to slow traffic speeds.

“We’ve already seen a big change, with cars travelling much slower –it’s an important step in making the streets in the neighbourhood places to live, play and spend time in, rather than just speed through.”