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Family of arrested teen with Downs Syndrome demand answers from police

After triggering the alarm at school Abdul Al-Faisal was arrested.

He'd gone to school on Bank Holiday Monday, looking for his favourite baseball cap, but ended up in police custody for nine hours.

Abdul's mother said normal police protocols do not apply to her son due to his Downs Syndrome and that they should have brought him home. Credit: ITV London

"I thought that police knew better, because once they'd seen my son, everyone know that he has Downs Syndrome - you can see that by his features."

– Roshina Al-Faisal, Abdul's mother

Whilst Abdul's family were looking for him, the police had already found him at Haringey Sixth Form College in Tottenham.

When they arrived they found evidence of a break-in.

They then checked the CCTV and saw the 19 year-old on the premises.

As Ria Chatterjee reports, his family feel his Downs Syndrome should have been an important factor in his arrest:

The police say they noted that Abdul was a vulnerable adult and provided safeguards according to a set code of conduct.

Now his family want a formal apology from the police and for the teenager's record to be cleared.