Car dumped outside the Bank of England causes chaos

Police were forced to seal off an area around the Bank of England today after a car was abandoned in the middle of a busy junction. One eyewitness claimed the driver jumped a red traffic light, stopped, and then just walked off.


Guy in car with music blaring. Runs red light. Stops car in intersection & walks off. Police everywhere. Bank station


Suddenly, the usually packed streets in the heart of the City of London fell silent.


Police shut down approach roads to Bank station, City grinds to a halt. Dodgy looking car left in junction #London


Needless to say it sparked a huge security alert, and it wasn't long before police called in the bomb disposal robot.

After the car was checked out and deemed to be safe by police, things started getting back to (almost) normal.

Credit: ITV News

But there's one thing police are still looking for. The driver, who's still not been seen anywhere.

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