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Family waits for answers a year after young girl drowns

A year after five-year-old Chloe Johnson drowned in a hotel pool in Egypt, her family say they have heard nothing about the investigation into her death.

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As her mum and dad went to buy her a drink she wondered into a wave pool. Minutes later she had drowned. It was her first ever holiday.

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Chloe had survived surgery for a heart defect as a tiny baby. Her death, aged just five-years-old left her parents distraught and desperate for answers over what had happened.

They've been highly critical of the resort's response - and say supervision by lifeguards was inadequate.

Credit: ITV News/Family photo

Chloe was buried in Forest Hill in south east London. Her family say they're not receiving any information about how the investigation into the little girl's death is progressing.

An inquest can't take place here until that investigation is complete.

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