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The mobile phone that could be worth more than your car

Probably more expensive than your first car, and hopefully more expensive than any phone bill you'll ever get. Here's the latest launch in the luxury mobile phone market. Released at Vertu's boutique in Old Bond Street, this is their Signature Touch.

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If you're after the very basic model, it'll set you back nearly £7,000. The luxury handset is so expensive because it's made by hand by a single craftsman.

Our commitment to hand craftsmanship and perfectly selected materials is equally well demonstrated through the beautifully stitched calf leather and skillfully polished and brushed titanium casing.

Signature Touch is a powerful smartphone, employing the latest software and components to deliver outstanding performance.

– Vertu
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So how does it square up against the likes of Apple's iPhone and the Blackberry?

  • The 4.7" high definition screen is protected by a 5th generation, 118 carat, 5.1 inch piece of solid sapphire crystal
  • The camera packs in a mighty 13 megapixels
  • The phone runs the latest Google Android KitKat software
  • Bang and Olufsen 'symphony' speakers
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And with such a high price tag, you'd quite rightly expect something else a little bit special. So it also comes with a dedicated 'Concierge', for those trying to track down a hard-to-find items, or trying to buy tickets for high-profile events.

Luxury lifestyle assistance and enrichment. Vertu CONCIERGE is on-hand 24/7 to facilitate your every request.

The handset also has a special app to offer access to sporting events and private members’ clubs.

Credit: Vertu
Vertu's Signature Touch phone being manufactured Credit: Vertu
Credit: Vertu
Credit: Vertu

The phones will be available later this month from specially selected boutiques around the world - including the London, Australia, the United States and Singapore.

Credit: Vertu