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Boris Johnson demands removal of anti-homeless spikes

London mayor Boris Johnson today joined the chorus of fury at "anti-homeless spikes" to deter rough sleepers.

Credit: Simon Harris/ITV News

The mayor demanded the removal of a dozen metal studs which were installed at the entrance to flats in Southwark.

The Mayor believes these spikes are ugly, self defeating and stupid.

The Mayor is clear, the developer should see sense and remove the spikes immediately. There are far better ways to tackle rough sleeping on London's streets.

– City Hall statement

The apartment block, on Southwark Bridge Rd, is also occupied by the British School of Osteopathy which claims it's reputation has been tarnished by the spikes.

Credit: Simon Harris/ITV News

Principal at the British School of Osteopathy, Charlie Hunt, said he was horrified when he first saw them and had not been consulted by the landlord.

Credit: Simon Harris/ITV News

There was no comment from the building's managing agent but some residents also expressed their disgust. Trevor Kyle said his wife sometimes felt intimidated by rough sleepers but the spikes were wrong.

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