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Could police use ultraviolet dye in water cannon to track protesters?

Police Commissioners have urged the Met Police to add ultraviolet dye to their three water cannon to help them track down any one responsible for violent protests.

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The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Stephen Greenhalgh, told the London Assembly today that Commissioners around the UK backed the use of "SmartWater", which is currently used to identify shoplifters and burglars.

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Stephen Greenhalgh said:

Some Commisioners recognise there is a case for their use, although they would not want to see them being used.

I’ve equally had other PCCs who are vehemently in favour of it and suggesting putting SmartWater into the water cannons so they can identify people. There’s a range of views.

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Earlier ths month, the Mayor's Office confirmed Boris Johnson authorised the highly-controversial purchase of water cannon - despite not yet getting the go-ahead from the Home Secretary.

City Hall says buying the German vehicles now will mean savings of £2.3million compared to buying new water cannon and ensures they are ready as soon as possible.