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How to get in touch with the Forced Marriage Unit

New campaign launched to raise awareness surrounding forced marriages. Photo: PA

A new campaign is being launched to raise the issue of forced marriages in the capital. Last year, the government's Forced Marriage Unit dealt with more than 1,302 cases nationwide. Fifteen percent were thought to be less than 15-years-old. The cases involved 74 different countries, but nearly half of forced marriages took place in Pakistan.

What is a Forced Marriage Protection Order?

  • Forced Marriage Protection Orders are legally binding orders designed to protect victims from forced marriage according to individual needs.

Who can apply for a Forced Marriage Protection Order?

  • Police, Social Services and victims can all apply for Forced Marriage Protection Orders.

Who can it protect?

  • Forced Marriage Protection Orders can still protect victims even if they have already been forced to marry.

Do I have to pay?

  • There is a fee unless you are receiving benefits - ask the Court and you may only need to pay part of the fee.

Can I apply for legal aid?

  • You can apply for legal aid for Force Marriage Protection Orders - a solicitor or Citizens Advice Bureau can advise if you are likely to be eligible.
The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, central London. Credit: PA

Worried about appearing in court?

  • Courts have the powers to protect vulnerable or intimidated witnesses.

How many people can use the Forced Marriage Protection Order?

  • More than person can be protected on a Forced Marriage Protection Order - especially if other siblings are at risk.

Do I need to apply for a warrant?

  • Breaching an order is a criminal offence so you no longer need to apply for powers of arrest or a warrant.
  • If you are concerned about forced marriage, call the Forced Marriage Unit on 020 7008 0151.