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Tesco's big-sellers: What's the most popular buy in your area?

Tesco details its most popular products by area. Photo: PA

From champagne to tins of oil, supermarket giant Tesco has revealed their most popular products according to stores in the capital.

Tailored for the areas, Kosher items were a big purchase in their Brent Cross branch, while travel accessories and wet wipes were a success in the supermarket's Covent Garden Metro store.

The retailers also said that as 95% of the population around the Upton Park branch were Asian, herbs such as coriander were a big-seller.

Andrew Yaxley, Tesco Managing Director for all formats in the London area, said:

London is a city full of different types of people, all with different tastes, customs and preferences. We have nearly 500 stores in London and through local knowledge and Clubcard data, we’ve built up a great picture of what our customers want from us in different areas.

So in stores that serve lots of commuters we focus more on food that can be grabbed on the go. In other stores, we might have more finest products and organic ranges, or more world foods and scratch cooking ingredients.

It’s a real challenge to tailor our offer so precisely, but also a real privilege to be able to serve customers across London with the products they want.

Find out what is trendy near you:

*Wembley - *Most global food sold in this area due to huge Asian population in the area:

  • 10kgs bags of rice
  • Large tins of oil
  • Biggest Ramadan aisle during the festive season
Cooking oil is popular due to the population having large families Credit: PA

*Brent Cross - *Largest Kosher range in the business:

  • All Kosher products
  • Matzo soup
  • Crackers

*Brixton - *Large Afro-Caribbean community:

  • Super Malt (popular drink)
  • Spiced Buns (similar to hot cross buns)
  • Graces Canned Cheese (important product for these customers around Easter)
Canary Wharf is the biggest seller of champagne. Credit: PA

*Canary Wharf - *Huge food on the go store with office and affluent populations:

  • Best champagne performing store
  • Sports and nutrition products

*Colney Hatch - *Upmarket neighbourhood:

  • More 'finest' products than anywhere else
Tourists are tempted to buy Cadbury's Dairy Milk at the Covent Garden store. Credit: PA

*Covent Garden - *Very high tourist area:

  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
  • Wet wipes and tissues (for tourists)
  • Travel accessories

*Twickenham St Margarets - *More organic products than usual:

  • 50% more organic produce than an average express store
  • Biggest range of organic baby food in an express store

Ealing Broadway -** Biggest Polish Range in a metro:

  • Kielbasa (polish sausage)
  • Selection of pickled vegetables line
Big bags of onions bought in Upton Park. Credit: Candy Welz/DPA/Press Association Images

*Upton Park - *Very large Asian population:

  • Larger collection of herbs
  • Big bags of onions
  • Butter (used for ghee)
  • Brioche (popular sweet bread)

*Trafalgar Square *- Major tourist area:

  • Sells more single bottled water than any other Express
  • Majority of the shop is ‘food for now’ to be eaten on the go

*New Malden *- Largest Korean population in London, hence the largest Korean range in the company:

  • Kimchi (traditional Korean dish) is a big seller
Fast food on the go at London Bridge. Credit: PA

*Tooley Street - *Big lunch customers and near gyms:

  • Sports, nutrition and energy products are huge sellers
  • Sandwiches
  • Sushi
  • Euphonium bakery

Regents Street -** Busy store for workers:

  • Busiest salad bar
  • Sandwiches
  • Single drinks

*Surrey Quays - *Large Latin American population:

  • Major seller of beans
  • Pao de Queijo (or Brazilian cheese bread)