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Embankment 'dazzled' by WWI commemoration ship

The WWI warship HMS President (1918) which has become a public art work on London's Embankment Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Two spectacular artworks will adorn the rivers of London and Liverpool this summer as a homage to artists' wartime contribution.

The two ships have been painted in specially-commissioned 'dazzle' designs, taking inspiration from the famous glaring colours and jagged lines of the 'dazzle' camouflage, which was designed to confuse enemy U-boat captain.

The geometrically patterned boats would have been a familiar sight during the First World War, when hundreds of shipping convoys sailed to and from Britain’s ports.

The ship, one of the last surviving three WWI warships, has been covered in dazzle camouflage print Credit: PA

The HMS President (1918), which served as a Dazzle Ship during the First World War, will be ‘dazzled’ by Tobias Rehberger.

The artwork is part of the 14-18 Now programme of events to mark the centenary of the First World War. The exhibition is free and opens on July 15.