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17 breathtaking travel photos you probably wish you'd taken yourself

These award-winning images document the magnificence, beauty and poignancy of Planet Earth, and its inhabitants, through the eyes of the amateur and professional photographers. They beat beat entrants from almost 100 countries to take the top places in one of the world’s most prestigious photography awards.

The latest winning images from the international Travel Photographer of the Year awards are now on show at London’s Royal Geographical Society, running until Sunday, August 17th.

From the northern lights, lavender fields in France, lionesses hunting and camel racing in Oman, here are some of the best.

Holi festival, Mathura city, Uttar Pradesh, India

Picture by Sahil Lodha Credit: tpoty.com

Shepherd and flock, Altai Mountains. Bayan-Olgii Aimag, Mongolia

Picture by Tariq Sawyer Credit: tpoty.com

Camel racing, north of Wahiba Sands, Oman

Picture by Jason Edwards Credit: tpoty.com

Hiphop dancing lessons at the Kolkata Skateboarding Club, Kolkata, West Bengal

Picture by Gavin Gough Credit: tpoty.com

Bear, Kurile Lake, Kamchatka, Russia

Picture by Marco Urso Credit: tpoty.com

Emmanuel Coupe, France

Picture by Emmanuel Coupe Credit: tpoty.com

Leopard on tree, Masai Mara, Kenya

Picture by Nicolas Lotsos Credit: tpoty.com

Powell Point, Grand Canyon South Rim, Arizona, USA

Picture by Gerald Baeck Credit: tpoty.com

Lionesses and cub, Masai Mara, Kenya

Picture by David Lazar Credit: tpoty.com

Cheetah cub and mother, Masai Mara, Kenya

Picture by Marco Urso Credit: tpoty.com

La Fete de Crépissage – the annual festival of the replastering of the central mosque in Djenné, Mali

Picture by Timothy Allen Credit: tpoty.com

Dogon Country, Mali

Picture by Timothy Allen Credit: tpoty.com

Lioness defends her kill from vultures, hyenas and jackals Masai Mara, Kenya

Picture by Nicolas Lotsos Credit: tpoty.com

Northern Lights, Kirkjufell, West Iceland

Picture by James Woodend Credit: tpoty.com

Lavender field, Provence, France

Picture by Barbara Dall’Angelo Credit: tpoty.com

Japanese Macaques, Jigokudani Yaen Ken, Yamanouchi, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture

Picture by Jasper Doest Credit: tpoty.com

Lionesses hunting, Chief's Island - Okavango Delta, Botswana

Picture by Ed Hetherington Credit: tpoty.com