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Family flees after lightning bolt sparks fire in their home

A family-of-four was forced to flee their home after a fire started when the house was struck by lightning.

The property moments after lightning struck Credit: Amir Hyder

A lightning bolt struck a TV aerial attached to a chimney stack. It dislodged a brick that crashed through the conservatory.

The aftermath of the lightning strike Credit: Ria Chatterjee
The aftermath of the lightning strike Credit: Jim Dutton/ITV News

Luckily, the noise woke the family who then smelled smoke and managed to flee the house in Streatham in the early hours of the morning.

Fire crews at the scene earlier today Credit: Jim Dutton/ITV News

More than 30 firefighters tackled the fire, which tore through the house and completely gutted the roof and first floor.

When we arrived the fire was creating a lot of smoke and we were concerned that the fire would spread to neighbouring properties but crews worked quickly to contain the blaze.

– Darren Woodhams, Station manager