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Mayor Lutfur Rahman insists: 'There's nothing rotten in Tower Hamlets'

Controversial Mayor Lutfur Rahman today declared: 'There's nothing rotten in Tower Hamlets.' The East London borough has been in the spotlight since Rahman's re-election amid allegations of voter intimidation and fraud.

Lutfur Rahman Credit: PA

The outcome of the poll in May is being challenged by an election petition in the high Court. In an exclusive interview with ITV News Rahman appeared to dismiss reports of crowds at polling stations as 'festivities'.

Lutfur Rahman Credit: ITV News

There has been no intimidation, no fraud. Tower Hamlets is an exciting place. The election is a celebration.

Election is a time of festivity in Tower Hamlets and the police have said there was no intimidation. We are yet to see any allegation to be substantiated into real offences or evidence. In any election time there's going to be a bit of a hoo-ha but things settle down afterwards and they have settled down.

– Lutfur Rahman
Lutfur Rahman Credit: PA

Rahman also dismissed a complaint from a senior civil servant who accused Tower Hamlets of obstructing an official investigation into allegations of poor financial management and fraud.

The council is fully co-operating with the audit, we've got nothing to hide and we will nothing at all.

There's nothing rotten in Tower Hamlets, we are a fantastic borough.

– Lutfur Rahman