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Police pluck two huge snakes from a bush close to a children's playground

Police have plucked two huge snakes from a bush after the creatures went on the loose close to a children's playground.

Boa constrictor - the type of snake found by police Credit: PA

People living nearby gathered round to watch police use a litter picker and a brown paper bag to capture the boa constrictors which can measure up to 8 feet in length.

Police retrieve the snakes using a litter picker Credit: YouTube/Abid Rehman

The snakes were spotted by people living close to Pashet Park in east London. When police turned up they confirmed:

Yep - there's a massive one in the bush.

– PC Simon Furia, Met Police
The snakes were placed in a brown paper bag Credit: YouTube/Abid Rehman

According to the Newham Recorder, PC Simon Furia bravely stepped in to stop the snakes disappearing from sight. They were then taken to a pet shop for safe keeping. No one was injured.

Boa constrictors usually feast on birds and kill prey by squeezing it to death.

This is certainly the most bizarre call I can think of my officers dealing with during my time in Newham, but it just goes to highlight how the police must be prepared to deal with any event, often putting themselves in danger, to protect the public.

– Tony Nash, Newham Borough Commander

Watch the rescue in full below.