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Young husky savaged and left with dozens of injuries after cruel owners leave him to fight

A young husky was left in critical condition after his cruel owners left him alone to fight with an pit bull-type dog.

Injuries suffered by Oslo a year-old husky Credit: SWNS

Oslo, a one year-old husky was left fighting for life after being savaged for more than a quarter of an hour.

20-year-old Hanin Attiye and 26-year-old Christian Hidalgo were taken to court after the RSPCA rescued a total of three dogs from their home in Finchley, north London.

Injuries suffered by Oslo a year-old husky Credit: SWNS

Oslo, and a brown pit bull terrier called Scooby, had been left to fight for the attention of another husky, Maddie.

But Oslo was left fighting for his life after suffering dozens of puncture wounds and lacerations to his neck, paws and legs.

Scooby, who is much bigger and stronger than the husky, suffered minor face, ear and neck wounds and is currently being tested to see whether he is a banned breed.

Injuries suffered by Oslo a year-old husky Credit: SWNS
  • Attiye and Hidalgo pleaded guilty to offences under the Animal Welfare Act
  • Hidalgo was ordered to pay a fine and costs totalling £4,000
  • Attiye was ordered to pay a total of £1,130

The RSPCA and the police were called in March following reports of dogs fighting for more than 15 minutes in the back garden at the address where they had been left alone.

Scooby's injuries were superficial but he was confiscated by police on suspicion he was a breed banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Oslo was taken to Harmsworth Animal Hospital where he was put on a drip and given intensive treatment.

Scooby a pitbull-type dog Credit: SWNS

It was touch and go for a while whether Oslo would pull through.

Happily he did, but if the police had not acted as quickly as they did it could have easily have ended far more tragically.

This case shows the importance of keeping your dogs under control, and the need to ensure they are safe at all times.

– Inspector Annie Simmonds, RSPCA
Scooby a pit bull-type dog Credit: SWNS

These dogs should never have been left on their own to fight - it had been clear that they were not safe from their previous behaviour and it was severely neglectful to leave them in this way. It is the owner's responsibility to safeguard their animal's safety at all times. The huskies are being rehomed.

– Inspector Annie Simmonds, RSPCA