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Great Scott! Back To The Future Secret Cinema event cancelled at last minute

Photo: PA

Film fans have been left disappointed after a Secret Cinema event set to bring hit movie Back To The Future to life has been cancelled at the last minute.

Organisers announced that the opening night, scheduled for tonight, would not go ahead even as ticket-holders were already gathering in east London. They said the performance had been cancelled as a result of "extenuating circumstances" meaning they were unable to receive guests. Leaving ticket holders more than disappointed.

Yesterday's preview event had also been cancelled. The event was said to be recreating the setting for the 1985 hit movie starring Michael J Fox, with fans dressing up in 1950s period costumes and attending the "Enchantment Under The Sea" prom, as well as watching a screening of the film. Tickets to the event cost £53.50 and family passes costs up to £140.

The 1985 classic starred Michael J Fox. Credit: PA

Fans are now concerned tomorrows event won't go ahead.

We are working tirelessly to ensure that this spectacular event will go ahead tomorrow evening. We will be in touch at 11am tomorrow morning with a further statement for all attending guests.

– Secret Cinema

Customers have been offered tickets for another screening and will be given their first choice to reschedule.

This is the largest event ever to be held by Secret Cinema, has sold more than 66,000 tickets and runs throughout the summer.