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Second missing brother caught for Pacholak killing

Jurius Tarasov Photo: Met Police

Police have arrested Jurius Tarasov, one of the two brothers convicted for manslaughter, who went missing before they could be sentenced.

Jurius Tarasov and his brother, Valodia failed to arrive at court for sentencing after they had been found guilty of manslaughter along with their other brother, Viktoras in July.

Jurius was arrested on Saturday night in Croydon town centre after a tip off, while his brother, Valodia was caught in late July.

The victim, Mr Pawel Pacholak, 37 had jumped to his death from a bathroom window in Stretham after fleeing their violent assault. All three brothers denied killing Pacholak

Pawel Pacholak. Credit: Met Police

Jurius is due to appear at the Old Bailey this week, prior to his sentencing.