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Poaching with crossbow, illegal fishing and 'fox baiting with dogs': Police reveal extreme wildlife crimes

Police have revealed the cruel and bizarre wildlife crimes that have happened in London.

The map, compiled by the Wildlife Crime Unit and charity World Animal Protection, plots reports involving wild animals and birds in all 32 boroughs.

A young boy stalked a deer with a crossbow in Richmond Park. Credit: PA

Cases include a young boy, thought to be eight or nine, stalking deer in a Richmond park armed with a crossbow, a man caught setting electric fences in his garden to kill foxes and poachers fishing for eels to eat near Westminster Bridge.

Officers also found a makeshift tank full of West African dwarf crocodiles during a raid of a house in Croydon.

In Bromley, which saw the second most cases, police recorded a report of "fox baiting with dogs" but a suspect was never identified.

In Camden, a seagull was reported killed during a burglary. The bird was apparently being “rehabilitated” by the victims of the break-in.

In Camden, a seagull was reported killed during a burglary. Credit: PA

Top five boroughs for the most cases of wildlife crime:

5. Havering- 14 cases

4. Enfield- 15 cases

3. Westminster- 19 cases

2. Bromley- 22 cases

1. Richmond- 26 cases

Some 54 offences involved cruelty to animals and 47 involved poaching.