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Couple with strange love of 'fatbergs' spend romantic night in the sewer

A lovestruck couple with a bizarre fascination of 'fatbergs' have spent their first anniversary in a filthy Victorian sewer.

Dan MacIntyre, and his girlfriend Dunya Kalantery Credit: Thames water

Dan MacIntyre, and his girlfriend Dunya Kalantery joined Thames Water on their hot and steamy date by torchlight deep below the streets of London's West End

Romantic Dan wanted to surprise his girlfriend with the unforgettable experience after first getting together when the notorious 15-tonne, double decker bus-sized fatberg – the biggest ever found in the UK – was discovered causing chaos in Kingston a year ago.

'Fatberg' found beneath Kingston last year Credit: Thames Water

It was incredible to see real-life fatbergs. We're very grateful to Thames Water for arranging this trip.

It has been a dream come true - the perfect anniversary present!

– Dan MacIntyre

A very shocked Dunya, said:

It was an amazing experience, the sewer architecture was incredible. It was a fantastic surprise.

– Dunya Kalantery
  • The pair spent a couple of hours with the Thames Water sewer team as they carried out maintenance work in Oxford Street
  • They then went underground for forty minutes before resurfacing
Dan MacIntyre, and his girlfriend Dunya Kalantery Credit: Thames Water

It was a pleasure to have Dan and Dunya along with us last night to help us 'fight the fatberg'.

While fatbergs are an unusual sight that few people get to see, the real and very unromantic side of it is they cause serious blockages that lead to sewer flooding.

So help my sewer team have a happy ending too, and remember the only thing that should go down the loo is toilet paper and human waste.

– Dave Dennis, Thames Water

These two are fatberg crazy, and once we were over the shock of the request we didn’t want to stand in the way of true love.

But, we are definitely not tour guides.

Our sewers are dangerous and we have a serious job to do to keep them flowing. Sorry, before anybody gets any ideas, this was strictly a one-off.

– Mike Gunn, Head of London’s sewer network