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Man in gown chased by police helicopter after being mistaken for escaped psychiatric patient

A man walking home after being discharged from hospital found himself chased by a police helicopter, because they thought he was an escaped patient from a psychiatric hospital.

Met Police helicopter, known as I99 Credit: PA

The patient had gone to hospital after a nasty fall from his bicycle and was allowed to leave wearing the medical gown because he had badly torn his clothes.

But as he pushed his bike through Kingston-on-Thames in south London a worried onlooker mistook him for an escaped psychiatric patient and called police.

The Metropolitan police alerted their helicopter and sent uniformed patrols to find him.

The helicopter unit even announced the hunt on Twitter, saying:

The search on Saturday evening ended after 45 minutes when they found the unsuspecting man and realised their mistake.

The male had been discharged from hospital after falling off his bike, and was allowed to keep the gown.

– Met Police statement