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Guide Dogs charity gives advice to cyclists

The charity says guide dogs in London are at risk from dangerous cyclists. Photo: PA

The Guide Dogs charity has called on cyclists to take extra care near guide dogs. A survey by the organisation found that one in four of visually impaired people had been hit by a bike. It has launched a campaign, which is backed by Transport for London and the London Cycling Campaign, to educate cyclists.

We work incredibly hard to get blind or partially sighted people out of their homes and mobile, so to hear that vision impaired people are anxious and in some cases fearful about going out in London because of irresponsible cyclists is very worrying.

– Rob Harris, Guide Dogs London

Guide Dogs has prepared five pieces of advice for cyclists:

  • Pay attention – look to see if the guide dog and owner, or person with a cane are waiting to cross. Remember that they can’t always see or hear you.
  • If you see the guide dog and owner or person with a cane waiting to cross, use your bell or call out to let them know you’re there.
  • Do not cycle up behind or around the guide dog and owner, no matter how much space you think you’ve given them. The dog may be startled and get confused.
  • If you need to use the pavement for any reason, please dismount.
  • Bumping off the kerb onto the road can scare and confuse the guide dog.