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Cyclist kicked from his bike into the path of a moving bus - by another cyclist

This is the horrifying moment a man was kicked from his bike into the path of a moving bus by an irate cyclist.

Credit: YouTube/Raphael Carrondo

Raphael Carrondo was kicked off his bike into the side of a coach by a man riding a BMX.

Just moments before 32-year-old Raphael was forced to slam on his brakes as the unknown rider tried undertaking him as the pair were passing a parked bus.

Credit: YouTube/Raphael Carrondo

Then, about 100 yards up the road, as Raphael was overtaking a coach just as it began pulling out, the bike cycled past his right side and kicked his front wheel.

Credit: YouTube/Raphael Carrondo

It sent him flying over the handlebars but luckily he narrowly missed getting his head trapped under the moving bus and escaped with only minor injuries.

Credit: YouTube/Raphael Carrondo

The shocking footage was captured on office worker Raphael's bike-mounted camera, on August 6, as he was cycling towards home, along the Embankment in central London.

I couldn't believe what had happened - I feel so lucky to be alive. This guy just came out of nowhere and leathered my front wheel.

I went flying over the handlebars and my head almost went under the bus - it was terrifying.

– Raphael Carrondo
Credit: YouTube/Raphael Carrondo

It was only when Raphael got home to Canary Wharf when he remembered to check the footage saw what he thought may have been the reason behind the brutal kicking.

Moments before, as they were travelling towards Blackfriars Bridge along the busy road on the edge of the Thames, Raphael was forced to slam on his brakes as the BMX-er tried to undertake him as Raphael and other cyclists safely negotiated round a parked London bus.

I didn't see him trying to cut me up, because I was concentrating on overtaking the bus safely. I had to swerve and he shouted something at me.

I'd forgotten about it - that sort of thing happens all the time on the roads.

But then he just pedalled past and smashed my front wheel with his boot.

It was ridiculous - it's the most dangerous thing I've ever seen on a cyclist's cam, and unfortunately it happened to me. I could have easily died.

– Raphael Carrondo

Raphael is now appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident, or may recognise the kicking cyclist, to come forward.


Pictures from YouTube/Raphael Carrondo