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The Week On The Web: Foxes, red-faced bikers, timelapse air traffic and eagle cam

By Chris Howse: Digital Editor

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You look out the window, you see a fox in the garden. What happens next? How about shooting it?

Credit: PA

Sounds drastic, but that's the advice from one council in West London. Wandsworth posted the controversial guidelines on its website.

But would you hire a trained marksman to help with pest control?

On our Facebook page Sharon Gilbert says:

Absolutely not. It disgusts me that anyone would think it's OK to treat an animal in such a way.

– Sharon Gilbert

And Kimberley Winter-Sullivan says:

Foxes are wild animals and we have to learn to live side by side with them.

– Kimberley Winter-Sullivan

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Hold on tight. After showing off by pulling a wheelie in central London - there was a nasty surprise waiting for the biker in this video.

Blocking his path were two police officers on horseback who saw everything. His punishment? A very public humiliation.


Also among our most clicked videos this week, a day in the life of air traffic control told in timelapse.

If you manage to count them all up, there are 6,000 flights in UK airspace in just a single day - most of those in London.

And here's what happens when the planes are waiting to land -- hundreds of flights stacking around the outskirts of the capital.


Finally, what has to be the ultimate bird's eye view of London.

Yes, that really is an eagle with a camera strapped to its back. He flew over Tower Bridge.

He had a good look at the London skyline before heading off for a good look at the Olympic Stadium. But why was he up there recording it all?

The bird's city tour was part of a campaign by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to mark 50 years of its 'Red List', which highlights threatened and endangered species.