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The Week On The Web: Cross cabbie, wakeboarding, a snake and ping pong

By Chris Howse: Digital Editor

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First this week - that cab ride and that argument between former Tory minister David Mellor and a London cabbie.

Credit: PA

I've been in the Cabinet. I'm an award winning broadcaster.

I'm a Queen's Counsel. You think what, your experiences are anything compared to mine?

Just shut up for Christ's sake. Drive me there.

You want to go and keep a civil tongue in your head, OK? I'm not trying to intimidate you, I'm just sick of actually having to sit in the same cab as you.

– David Mellor

They began arguing over the best route to take after David Mellor spent the day at Buckingham Palace. David Mellor says he was provoked.

It also left you with plenty to say on our Facebook page.

I'm a London cabbie... I love a good old heated chat in my cab. It makes the world go round.

– Dave Neal

We all know what happened when Gordon Brown forgot he was wearing a radio mic. There was no need to say anything, wound up or not.

– Leonora Fletcher


Next, wakeboarding at 84 mph. How did he do it?

Pictures from Jorge Gill

Jorge Gill was pulled along by a Ferrari. It was one of the week's most clicked videos from a Londoner who loves to perform eye-catching stunts.

And here's a previous performance for you, this time in a flooded car park.


Imagine opening your front door and finding this staring back at you.

Credit: Reddit/lowercase_capitalist

This snake found its way on to our website after making himself at home in a recycling box in West Hampstead.

It's now being looked after by the RSPCA. But whose is it and how did it get there? If it looks familiar, lets us know on our Facebook page.


Finally, you see a lot of strange things on the Tube - but surely nothing quite like this.

It may look like ping pong - it may sound like ping pong. But what exactly were they up to at Chancery Lane? It was imaginary ping pong with convincing sound effects. It was one of the week's most clicked videos and kept the platform entertained until the train rolled in.