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The Week On The Web: Breastfeeding, tree house, boat race and the sky at night

By Chris Howse: Digital Editor

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Credit: ITV


This week, the breastfeeding mother told to cover up because she was upsetting hotel guests.

Here's what they found so shocking. Louise Burns feeding her 12-week-old baby during tea at Claridges.

Their solution? Not very subtle. Louise ended up wearing a big napkin.

It was the week's big talking point on Facebook.

Breastfeeding is a natural act. If people are offended then they shouldn't look.

– Tony Benn

The hotel has to cater for everyone not just breastfeeding mothers. A tiny bit of thought for the other diners is all that is needed.

– Colleen Chapman

Claridges did tweet its own response saying:


How do you fancy your own tree house? Here's one.

Credit: Lambeth Council

Perhaps not quite what you were thinking. Yes, that really is a tree growing right through a house. The trunk was even drilled to make room for plug sockets.

Credit: Lambeth Council

The landlord in Clapham didn't mind. He still collected 40,000 pounds in yearly rent. But not any more. Lambeth Council caught up with him, and may take legal action.


You'd think racing and beating a Tube train would be enough to prove you're pretty quick on two feet. But not for James Hepton-stall and Noel Carroll.

This was moment in September the pair raced the Tube - and won.

But why stop there. James and Noel have been at it again, this time racing a boat - The Thames Clipper - down the river. Did they do it? Of course they did.


Finally, London's night sky seen in a whole new light. It never usually looks like this.

Photographer Nicholas Buer has cleverly taken away all the light pollution above the capital with some pretty stunning results in what became one of the week's most clicked videos.

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