Labour politician promises to use mansion tax on Londoners to pay for more nurses in Scotland

A senior Labour politician has provoked fury after promising to use a mansion tax on Londoners to pay for more nurses in Scotland.

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Jim Murphy, the new Scottish Labour leader, wants to hire 1,000 extra nurses using the proceeds of the controversial levy.

Mr Murphy said 95% of the income from a mansion tax would come from the south east of England.

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Property experts say Londoners will pay the biggest share of the proposed tax on homes worth more than £2m.

Mr Murphy's pledge was condemned by Labour politicians hoping to be their party's candidate for London mayor.

Hackney MP Diane Abbott claimed the move would 'expropriate money from London.'

Diane Abbott Credit: PA

Dulwich & West Norwood MP Dame Tessa Jowell said London could not be a 'cash cow' for the rest of the UK.

And current mayor Boris Johnson joined the row accusing Labour of trying to 'mug' people in London.

Labour has made a cynical calculation that they are more vulnerable in Scotland to the SNP than they are, say, in the South East or they are in London. They have decided to punish the South East, or to be fiscally vindictive towards the south east of England, in order to try to bribe the Scots to vote Labour. It's no way to run a country.

That is a way to set up resentments and I don't think it is the right way forward. Londoners perfectly accept that we have a duty to the rest of the country, we already export huge quantities in taxation - about £19 billion a year.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London