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Hotel criticised for using Paris attacks to promote business

The post on the hotel's Facebook page was later removed Photo: The Hoxton/Facebook

London hotel The Hoxton has been criticised on social media for appearing to use the hashtag "Je Suis Charlie" to promote a new hotel opening in Paris, in the wake of the terror attacks there last week.

In a statement, the hotel has since said it used the hashtag as an expression of solidarity with the victims of the attacks, but said it showed "poor judgement". It has apologised for any offence it may have caused.

The criticism was sparked by a post including two pictures on The Hoxton's Facebook page, along with the comment "Proud to be opening our second european hotel in Paris 2016. Very chic don't you think? #jesuischarile"

Members of the public were quick to express surprise and dismay at the post, following the shootings and hostage takings. They also picked up on the miss-spelling of the hashtag, which became one of the most shared in Twitter's history following the massacre in the French capital.

Siobhan Rooney, who tweets as @bluevespertine described it as "a massive sensitivity fail" by The Hoxton and other Twitter users expressed their disgust.

The post was taken down following the complaints.

ITV London has received the following statement from the hotel.

Earlier today a member of our team posted renderings of our upcoming hotel opening in Paris. At the end of the post #jesuischarlie was used to show our solidarity with the victims of the attacks in Paris. In no way was it our intention to use these atrocities to promote our new hotel. This would not only be completely insensitive but unacceptable in our eyes.

In hindsight, it was extremely poor judgement and clearly not intended to be perceived in the way it has. We have since removed the post on Facebook and we would like to sincerely apologise for any offence it may have caused.

– The Hoxton Hotel