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The Week On The Web: Racist chant, high-speed chase, driver for the Queen and a flipping car

By Chris Howse: Digital Editor

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This week - the racist chant by Chelsea fans on the Paris Metro. A commuter was stopped getting on a train simply because he's black. Chelsea has apologised and suspended three supporters. Police say anyone convicted could face jail. Here's what you've been saying on Facebook.

It brings nothing but shame and embarrassment to Chelsea and to this country too.

– Maureen Beesley

They disgraced the club, our country and every other football fan.

– Brenda Tarry


This high speed police chase reached speeds of 118 miles per hour.

Police tried to stop this wreckless driver in Crawley. But Colin Pollard had other ideas.

The driver from East Grinstead tried to escape by driving on the wrong side of the road, before reaching dangerous speeds on the M23.

Police eventually caught up with him - and he was jailed for a year.


If you're looking for a new job here's one that might impress your friends.

Credit: PA

The Queen needs a new chauffeur. And while the job comes with some nice perks - it's perhaps not always as easy as it looks.

This was the Queen yesterday, getting stuck in traffic in Trafalgar Square. If you think you've got what it takes you can apply for the job here.


Finally an artist who's turned the problem of finding a place to park on its head.

Credit: Vauxhall

Appearing to defy gravity - 15 feet high - this car appeared on London's South Bank.

I see sculpture as the physical reinterpretation of the material world around us and so by introducing fictional narratives into familiar scenarios, I try to make everyday situations as extraordinary as they can be.

I choose to do this through illusions because I think there is something both optimistic and captivating about defying the realms of possibility.

With an effortlessly curling road I hoped to transcend the material nature of tarmac and stone, giving these typically inflexible materials an apparent fluidity. Vauxhall Motors allowed me a great amount of creative freedom and this collaboration offered my studio an exciting platform to explore new areas of engineering and fabrication.

– Alex Chinneck, Artist

Watch the installation come to life below.